The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rugby practice

While the primary school track meet was going on, I was able to look over the stands to the other field and watch Tim's rugby practice. His coaches, Jean Pierre (JP) Duc and Mark Knudsen, put the boys through the wringer. The NECIS rugby tournament is in Copenhagen starting Friday, so the boys 8th grade and up are getting in tip-top shape to head there. Tim is LOVING rugby. I actually am really enjoying learning about it myself, but it is a mother's worst nightmare to have her son playing this sport. At least with American football there are pads (and helmets)!
You'll notice that one of the pictures above has John....aka "The Hammer of the North" (from the youtube video I posted earlier) with a rugby ball on his head. Hard to believe that kid is only a 10th grader!

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Magnus Andersson said...

I must say it. Its incredible what you find when you google things.

I googled rugby in pictures. and thaught i saw a picture om some Russ. and i did.

And then i saw "rugby match". And i god curious. Since Russ, and rugby where in the same blogg.

Then i find you wrighting about JP. THis is actually cuite cool.

Is it possible that you go at the international school in Stavanger?

None to less. A very cool surprise!