The Messina Family

The Messina Family
Barcelona 2010

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flying kites on Sola Stranden

Lily helps her Daddy fly the kite. She used to be petrified of the kites, but now is quite the pro...even going and setting up his kite so he could relaunch it.

Kona dug the entire time we were at the beach. She was a puppy on a mission. After an hour of continual digging, she had a 6-8 inch hole that she collapsed into. She slept for 4 hours that afternoon!

Kona's face after the "big dig"

Kite boarder in the freezing water with his dry suit on.

Look at all the kite boarders out on the beach today! It was windy!

After leaving Sergi and his 23 other Spanish exchange students off at the airport, Lily, Rich, Kona and I headed to the Sola Stranden (beach) to fly Rich's stunt kite. There had been a kite festival on some flyers around town. Rich thought it was for stunt kites. There was one other stunt kite flyer there. The rest of the folks were kite boarding...and it was amazing to watch!

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