The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Final Middle School Dance....

On Friday, May 16th, they had the final middle school dance of the year. I took the three boys: Joe, Tim and Sergi. I stayed the whole time handing out drinks and food. Here, unlike the U.S., each grade level has to bring something to the dances. The 6th graders all had to bring sweets (baked goods), the 7th graders had to bring savory (chips, finger foods, fruits and veggies) and the 8th graders had to bring drinks. You can't get in without them. The parents are not allowed in where the kids are dancing, but stand in the hall outside behind tables laden with good food and drink. The boys had a great time. The Spanish students grabbed Sergi and gave him a "Norwegian" look...with his hair sticking every which way in an organized manner... They had a great time.
Sergi was pooped out after the dance. He came home and changed and went to play Rock Band with the boys but fell asleep waiting for them!

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