The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our holiday on Monday

Lily eats her SECOND hotdog by the fjord...

The motley crew from ISS come trampsing back for food...

Kon'a growing....cuter every day!

Tim shows off his gymnastics ability on the neighbor's trampoline

Tim gives Sergi a hand to jump the rocks in the cold Norge water.

Joe could find a crab is amazing.

Sergi Aguilera poses for the camera.

Rob Houston, a British friend of ours, grills his family's dinner. These little grill kits are the bomb! We absolutely love them and that's all that the Norwegians use when out and about.

Monday, May 12th, was a holiday here in Norway...and most of Scandanavia, actually. The Monday after Pentecost is a holiday. Most Norwegians know it is a religious holiday but can't tell you why. :o)
The Spanish exchange students went on a cruise along Lysefjord that day for four hours. When they returned, we went to Valhalen for a barbecue.

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