The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Surfing Contest

On October 31st, Joe was in a surfing contest. He surfed in the under 18 division (although we think he could have been in the under 14 since he's 14...) We arrived on a cold and very blustery (okay, more like gale-force winds) at Børe Beach. The winds were evidently going the wrong direction because there were no waves. So we got the kids all registered and then caravaned down to another beach near Brusand. (who knew there were so many surfing beaches in Norway???) We arrived and it was cold.....and very windy....and full of crashing waves. Joe ended up getting third overall in his division...which he was happy with but somewhat frustrated because the undertow kept him from paddling out too far. It was a good experience for him and he had a great time (although everyone was somewhat hypothermic after exiting the water...but who am I kidding...I was in a winter jacket and was hypothermic watching him!)
He is still surfing...yesterday I had some reservations when I dropped him off at the surfing shack...the puddles were all iced over. Yet, they went out and surfed for 2.5 hours. Yikes! He was pretty cold when I picked him up...his face isn't covered in the water and his face gets really he can't talk very well. I think we are just about done for the season. (yay!)

Trunk or treating

The last three Halloween's we have participated in trunk or treating at the NATO base (since Halloween has not really taken off in Norway). It's a lot of fun and more of a candy swap than anything because it is so small. However, it was the biggest ever this year...and I think it is a great start to going back to the U.S. for bigger festivals next year!

A Princess and Pirate Party in Preschool

Lily is in preschool 4's this year. She absolutely adores her teachers: Miss Kate, Miss Emma and Miss Uly. (two Brits and a Norwegian). I have mentioned before that she has quite an international class. On October 30th, they had Princess and Pirate day in preschool 4 classrooms. Her class had a small party with way too much food and lots of fun activities for the kids to do. Just wanted to show you some pictures of the kiddos. They looked adorable! Joe and Tim wanted Lily to be a pirate but she insisted on the whole princess thing! :o)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random fall pictures around Hafrsfjord

I was driving by the three swords last week (as I do twice a day) and the Hafrsfjord was as smooth as I stopped and took some pictures. The sunset picture is out porch off our masterbedroom. Gotta love the beauty of this country!

Pushing buttons

Ya know what it is like when you have a four year old sister that knows how to push your buttons? Ask Joe...Lily knows just what to say to get him going. This is the usual results of the confrontation. :o) (see picture)
So what does Lily do you ask? She calls her brother "Joey." It totally freaks him out. NO ONE calls him one. No one except Lily when she wants to get a rise out of him. Notice in the picture that they are both smiling...but let me tell you, she always gets the last jab in... :o)

JV boys football is over!

These are the ISS JV boys football team posing on a ferry heading for Tau, for an away game. Yes, among the competing teams, there is sometimes quite a distance due to those pesky fjords that get in the way. :o)

Here are a few pictures from the end of Tim's football career. It was FREEZING the last several games...and it hailed....and rained...and hailed again while these boys were out in thin clothing, soaking wet. This is not the part I will miss standing on the sidelines all over Rogaland! :o) Tim had a great three years playing for the ISS JV boys team. We will be in the U.S. next year and he plans on concentrating on basketball. He also feels he probably doesn't have the skill set to play on a U.S. high school team. never know...he may surprise us!