The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

17 Mai parade - our kids

These are a few pictures of the kids before and during the 17 Mai parade in Stavanger. Even though it is Saturday, the kids had to catch the bus to school and then be bussed to the children's parade in Stavanger (mandatory half day of school). Joe played in the band...Tim was supposed to but got separated from his instrument so just marched with the high school kids (made his day...but panicked his mom when he wasn't with the saxophones!) Sergi marched with the Spanish kids in their school uniforms and waved Norwegian flags and handed out flowers. They had a nice morning, I think!
Poor Sergi realized that morning that his mom had packed his old school trousers. The zipper on the fly was broken (safety pinned for the parade) and I was sewing on a button on the waist band at 0700 that morning. They were also about 2 sizes too small. He was relatively calm, which I admired. He just said, "I have a problem." LOL.

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