The Messina Family

The Messina Family
Barcelona 2010

Friday, May 9, 2008

Life's been busy the last 24 hours!

Sergi Aguilera Ruis has finally arrived! Joe stayed with him and his family in Barcelona for 9 days last October in an exchange program. We now will have him here for the next 10 days. He's a nice kid and he loves Lily. He has a sister that is 4 years old, so he knows what he's doing. He brought Lily a stuffed animal "Minnie Mouse" with Barcelona written on her dress. He brought beautiful gifts for the rest of us as well. He went to school with the boys today and will be shadowing Joe after school. Joe has track today so he will be invited to also participate. The weather has been so nice here that the track coach said they would just run down to the 3 swords monument(just a couple of km) and then go swimming in the fjord. Now, granted we have a warm current that keeps our winters mild and such, but the water is frigid! Poor Sergi. I told him to not worry about doing that. It's just a wee bit warmer in Barcelona this time of year (heck, any time of year). I will go and watch, take pictures, etc. So pictures of Sergi and the boys are forthcoming.
Lily has been quite a character lately. She's been enjoying going on daily walks to the fields and pastures near the fjord nearest us. She talks to the sheep, goats, horses and cows that we see. She loves going in the tunnels (pedestrian underpasses) that she can yell "H - echo" in...her echo seems to have an "h" in front of it. She'll see a tunnel coming up and yell, "A nudder hecho, Momma!"
I have been having a hard time with my lingo. I answered a question of Sergi's in half Spanish and half Chinese this morning...said "si" instead of "ja" to a Norwegian woman today on my walk. I was trying to think of how to say a sentence to Sergi last night and it came to me in Spanish but the tail end of the sentence was in Norwegian. I haven't thrown any Japanese in there yet, but I am thinking it'll wiggle its way in there somehow. Once I try to start conversing in other languages, they tend to all come at me at once. God help Sergi if he is going to try to learn English from me this trip!

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