The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

17 Mai at the Joa's house

Joe and Kona pause to take a picture in front of the tulip garden in Sola Sentrum.

I don't have bunad, but I do have a nice Norwegian Dale sweater to wear!

Rich riding on Joe's ripstick (like a jointed skateboard with only 2 wheels) in his suit....

Joe trying to do skateboarding tricks (in the grass first)

Joe doing back layouts on the Joa's trampoline or as Lily would call it, "trampeetreen"...sounds a lot like krispe kreme..)

Hilde Joa, one of our neighbors

Cyndi and Randi Joa

Walking to the Sola tog. Ola holds his mom's hand and Tim's.

Lily and Elena sit on Torres's ATV that he drives to and from work.

Lily with pretty dandelions in her hair...

Randi and Torres Joa are our neighbors and friends. We spent most of the day at their house talking and having fun at their openhouse. They have an 11 year old son named Ola. Ola has Down's Syndrome and autism. He loves playing with any kind of round object...balls, balloons and bubbles. He adores "playing basketball" with the boys and our basketball hoop. They are fantastic neighbors and I thoroughly enjoy all the time we spend with them. Rich didn't leave until after 11 p.m. that night, he was having such a great time. Randi and I were smart...we put our kids to bed and went to beds ourselves! It had been a long day!

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jtguttman said...

Cyndi, your hair is adorable! The pictures are amazing too. Great job! It sounds like your guys are keeping extremely busy and having a great time. Miss you!