The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

On to New Hampshire to see the Messina side!

This is Reggie...Tam's new dog (Rich's sister). Reggie is almost 4 months old in these pictures. He is a sweet dog...he's a Doberman pinscher....and the jury is still out about if he is a tawny colored Dobie or an albino.

This dog stops crowds. Everyone stops Tammie to ask what kind of dog he is.

Uncle Joe plays defense against his nephew, Tim.

Joe (the younger) tries to pass around his Uncle Joe.

Nana has a little one-on-one time with her granddaughter, Lily

Tim takes what he learned at basketball camp to charge to the net.

Rich tries to take a shot around Tim.

Joe tries to take it to the hoop.

Tim takes on his Uncle Joe

Now it's the battle of the Joe's...Uncle Joe and Nephew Joe

After 5 days at my parent's house, the kids and I flew out from Detroit to Boston. Rich had arrived there the day prior and came to pick us up at the airport. After dropping our suitcases at Rich's parents' house, we took off for some time at a park in Pelham, NH. The boys: Nano (Rich's dad, Vincent), Joe (Rich's brother), Rich, Casey (our nephew - Tammie's son), Joe and Tim all played basketball in the heat. Lily and Dante tootled around the park playing. This was the first few days of warmth that New England had had this summer. Ir'a nice that the grandsons are getting big enough to play on a somewhat even keel with the uncles and their nano.

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