The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st Day of School for Lily

Lily started school on Aug 18th. She went half days for the first week and is now going full time. She has a British teacher, Miss Emma,(who is a cross between Pippy Longstocking and Mary Poppins) and an assistant teacher, Miss Uly, who is Norwegian. She has 14 kids in her class and seems to really be enjoying herself! (whew!) There were a few tears on the first day...(but Daddy came along and kept picking her up and hugging her....- as I was outside the classroom in the hall violently motioning for him to cut the cord and join me). Evidently she did not speak until her 7th day of class, but hey, she is talking now and they are so excited to hear what she has to say! The kids in her class are from all over the world. It is definitely an international class. She goes to school at the same school as the boys, so I drive them there and back each day. Her class is the giraffe class...hence the pictures of her in a giraffe mask (that she wore for 7 hours the first day!) She loves her Kai-Lan back pack and lunch box we picked up in the U.S.! She keeps telling me what a big girl she is now!

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