The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long lost family and Boston Gardens

Ah, the Garden from the box seats and private restaurants up at the top.

Rich smiles as he checks out the visiting hockey locker room. Pretty sparse accommodations.

Okay, never in a million years would I think I would have stood in this boys think this picture is really cool. I am in the showers of the visiting basketball team locker room. The shower heads are 8 feet tall! I think the water would be cold by the time it fell all the way down to my head! Do you know many folks that can say that they have been in the visiting NBA locker room at Boston Garden? Ah, my mom would be so proud! :o)

This is Tim in the guest basketball locker room. This is the spot that they put the star player from the opposing team. It is right by the door so the cameramen and reporters don't clog up the entire locker room...only this bigger area, away from the other lockers. They do not make the visiting locker rooms very nice...on purpose, we were told.

Tim, Joe and Jeff are on cloud 9 being able to step just inside the Celtic's locker room.

This is the corridor that the Celtics run out of to run onto the floor of the Boston Garden for games.

Joe by a poster of Reggie Lewis.

Joe found the mock up of his favorite Celtic - Kevin Garnett

2008's victory picture...we were actually in Boston when they was AWESOME!!!

Tim found the locker mock up of his favorite Celtic - Ray Allen

My boys wanted to show how verically challenged I really and Bill Walton...

Joe with a life-sized cut out of Bill Walton

Tim found someone a bit more recent...#5, Kevin Garnett!

Ah, it's Bahhsten Gahhden... :o) Look at all the banners!

That parquet floor is under there somewhere....along with the ice for the Bruins...they were setting up for a trade show.

Catherine watches her son and my son play one-on-one basketball in the front yard.

Tim (12) and Jeff (15) play some hoops.

Stef watching her brother.

Carol and her daughter, Stef, a college student in AZ.

Okay, so maybe they weren't long or lost...but they were relatives that I had never met...and I've known Rich for almost 20 years. :o) This is a cousin of Rich's mom's (Carol) and her two children, Stef and Jeff. They live in AZ and this was their first visit out to the east coast. They were doing a Bolt bus tour of Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. Jeff is a big basketball fan, so we took them into Boston to do a tour of the Boston Garden before dropping them off at the bus depot for their next leg of their journey to NYC.
Boston was a nice building in some sections. I thought that the dressing rooms for the singers and stars that come and the locker rooms would be amazing...they were not. In fact, Rich and I were absolutely shocked at the lackluster appearance of the "behind the scenes" accoutrements.
The boys did get to step a few feet into the Celtics locker room. It is normally closed and locked and even our guide had never been in that far. :o) They were doing some electrical work in there and the security guard allowed us to take pictures since we told him we were HUGE fans that came all the way from Norway to see this! :o)

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