The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Rich and Joe trying to get Tim out...
Lily trying to pull Tim out (this is prior to us realizing that he was REALLY stuck!)
Tim...with his brother and father making him laugh with their added touches to his sand body
Tim, who would dig to China if you would let him!
Here are the holes to prove you know how much work it takes to dig a deep hole in sand?
Joe with a jelly fish
Kona, nose covered in sand, and a very happy pup
Naked baby! There were a lot of little naked kiddos running around...even some adults!
Kona, trying to swim to shore while Joe was trying to get her to swim in the ocean.
A boy and his dog...looking at the ways and all the possibilities of fun...
The beach....there were quite a few people out! As soon as the clouds gathered and covered the sun, we were left almost to ourselves.

The day before we left on our cruise, we were having incredibly warm and sunny weather for here in Stavanger. We decided to take my mom and the kids to the beach to play around a bit. This is one of our local beaches.
Kona came with us. She loves the beach, but is not too fond of the water, which is amazing considering her lineage of water dogs.

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Julie said...

Hey, that's my beach! I love Joe and his "god". We could have all kinds of fun with that.:)