The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dr. Lily

Joe-Joe had just bumped his knee...Dr. Lily to the rescue to diagnose the problem!

We may need to amputate....I can't find his heartbeat anywhere!

Listening to big brother's heart...

She can say stethoscope but would rather call it "her doctor"....she comes tearing down the hallway demanding, "Where's my doctor????"

I used to wear this stethoscope just like this to work everyday....

Yesterday Lily was telling me that she was being a "doctor" and taking care of Kona. Okay, first off...because of the wacky Norwegian health care system, she hasn't seen a doctor in over 18 months. She doesn't remember ever being to see a doctor.
I was cleaning out my nightstand drawers today and she saw my stethoscopes from when I was on active duty Air Force and worked as a nurse. I had a neonatal stethoscope and an adult one. She liked the little one because "it was just her size." She hasn't put it down yet. She's pretty cute.
Another cute little Lilyism....we got a newsletter from our parish (in Norwegian) so we pretty much just look at the pictures and try and figure out what's going on... and there was a picture of Pope Benedict XIV in there. That picture caught her eye and she asked me who that was. I told her. She tried to copy what I was saying (and all I said was Pope Benedict...I left off the number) and she came up with Pope Nickanick. :o)

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