The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Odds and Ends

Here are a few pictures that just didn't fall into any category. Some of Lily this past week and some of the Sola kirke and the sunflower fields across the street.
The Ladybug dress that Lily is wearing is the first outfit I ever bought for her...I bought it in Thailand, about 4 months before we got her. It was too big for so long because we had no idea her size at that point. Then after last summer here, I thought she would never wear it. But then there was a heat wave here in Norway and I remembered it. Yay!
The pink outfit was funny...she has a long torso and so her belly really showed....she kept trying to pull her shirt down so her belly button wouldn't show. :o) I love modest women! :o)
There is also a couple of pictures from Matt's house (Joe's best friend). They live two islands away from Stavanger. They had a unique view from their backyard and I just wanted to capture it a bit, as well as a viking replica ship someone is working on in the bay. Kinda cool.


Angie said...

Hi Cyndi! I just got your blogsite address from Judy and thought I'd check it out. I love seeing all the pictures of your family and all the great sites over there. I started a blog a couple months ago just for something to do. It will be nice to keep in touch this way!

jtguttman said...

Cyndi, I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the pictures you take are. Have you thought about trying to sell some of them? They are amazing. Forget the scrapbooking! You should make a photo coffee table book of your sites! :) Hugs, Megan