The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Walking in Ølberg

My good friend, Julie, and I try to go walking every weekday morning. She lives on the other side of the runway from me in a place called Ølberg. She lives in the house out in the country that I wanted for us when we moved here. Unfortunately, Rolf, the landlord, doesn't take kindly to having animals in his house, so we left empty-handed. We have a glorious house, don't get me wrong...but the views from their house is just breath-taking. We alternate walking each week at her house or mine...this week was her house. These are some of what we see when we are walking in her neck of the woods. By the way, this worked out even better...I still get to visit the area quite often (daily this week!) and she has done such beautiful things to the house...much more than I could have even dreamed doing.
We pass the cows...(which we always say, "Good morning, Ladies!" to...they stare at us like we are nuts...but, hey, maybe we are a bit nuttier than the average American living in Norway...), we talk to the Scandanavian horses...did you see the foal? He was pretty brand new....they all are blonde like that with manes that are striped and that stick up like a zebra's. They don't ever blanket these horses in the winter like they do the others. These must be the "natives" of the area. These horses come right up to the fence to see us as we walk by. We move on to the sheep, four of which were loose a couple of weeks ago along a gravel road we walk on. We tried the line from the movie "Babe"..."Bah Ram Ewe, Bah Ram Ewe" but alas, there was little communication made. :o)
We not only walk through rolling farmland, and pastures, but also alongside the fjord and beach area that is the most popular in all of Norway. The house with the daisies isn't Julies...but loved the look. I am always in awe of the striking beauty of this place. The pictures just can't do it justice.

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Julie said...

I loved all the pictures. Great descriptions! I might need to steal the idea for my blog with all the animals and our speaking with them. My favorite morning activity is walking with you! Thanks!