The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Doing a bit of sailing...

Rich was gone to Germany for work all this week. (okay, so he was in classes for four days this week, and had a doctor's appt regarding his shoulder) He, in the time he was not shopping, was catching up with our old friends from several different assignments and even ROTC in college! He also DROVE to Germany (via a ferry to Denmark) so the Corvette could meet the autobahn. I am not sure if it is was good or bad, but he did have a passenger with him...the JAG (yes, that's military lawyer for all you civilian types) from the 426th here with him. I figure John could bail him out of trouble if he got into it, or maybe even prevent the trouble from happening with a stern recitation of random law-speak. :o) They are on their way home now and back on Norge far, so good. I did remind him that he was back in Norway now and needed to strictly watch his speed as the cameras on the roads and tunnels don't ever take a Sunday off. :o) While Rich was gone, he entered the boys into a NATO youth sailing course. They met not far from our house (in fact, I could see them from the upstairs balcony) at Hafrsfjord at the Royal Yacht Association. (run by the Royal Navy - that is British, I believe, not Norwegian) There was only one other American kid in the class. The rest were from a myriad of countries...The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Norway...those are the ones off the top of my head. There were all sorts of languages being spoken. It was really great. The boys had a blast. The weather was warm and so was the water, which kept the jellyfish more at the bottom. However, they did have one stormy day that the temperature dropped a bit and several kids got stung when they capsized. Tim being one of them. However, everyone survived and now has a "war story" from sailing class. They really seemed to enjoy their time on the water. Their classes were Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., so they got 30 hours of sailing time and teaching under their belts. They each are strong level one sailors. I am guessing that next summer they will be taking as much sailing as they can. They now have a whole new vocabulary going including gybing, jib, and tacking. What's another foreign language after living overseas in two countries for the last three plus years??? :o)
It made it interesting that the final approach to the runway here in Sola is right over the fjord. It was very windy on Friday and I can't imagine what those passengers were thinking flying over those sail boats so low, with half of them capsized and the rescue boat flying between them!

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