The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Fotball match #2

Well, I thought the first International School of Stavanger boys JV fotball match was relatively wet. We were all soaked. However, that didn't even compare to the downpour we endured for game #2! It was a home game and the slaughter wasn't quite as severe...we actually scored a goal! (There have been entire seasons that the ISS JV boys team has gone without scoring once) The goal was scored by Alex, a young British/Asian 7th grader. He also happens to be Tim's best friend. He is by far the smallest kid on the team but has remarkable skills and he's quick as lightning. So with a 4-1 finish for this game, they felt a bit better than last week. They are definitely playing much better than last year already! I have to say that they are not a bad team...they just have to learn to play together. Of course they are also playing against kids that are given soccer balls to play with in their is the national sport. :o)
Tim actually played goalie for the 2nd half but it was raining too hard to bring out my nice camera at that point and my batteries decided to die anyhow. I'll catch him next time!
I have to say that Lily and I were better prepared this time! I had all of my rain gear on...wellies, slicker and pants. Lily had on some Hello Kitty rainboots she inherited in Okinawa from another Chinese adoptee friend...and her rain coat. We need to get her some pants soon to keep her knees dry. Her Hello Kitty boots are going into retirement as somehow they had almost 2 inches of water in them when we got to the car! I think they'll be for playing around the house and not for real water wear. You have to have more serious equipment around this part of the country!

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