The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Another visitor

Our friend, Chuck, is visiting us...only for about 24 hours, but it's fun to have him here for even that long. His family was assigned here in Norway for two years but has moved on to live in Belgium. He has three fantastic sons and an even better wife. Thank God (I mean this very literally) for Debbie...she helped me figure out how to use these Norwegian washer and was taking me three hours to do one load of wash (to wash and dry) and the loads are so small here...I was nearly in tears the first time I got behind in the wash and was trying to catch up. What a lifesaver!
We have been lucky enough to get to know each other over the last year. They are smitten with Lily. Chuck was thrilled that she remembered him and was crawling all over him and into his lap. The picture was of Chuck in a Norwegian medieval war helmet...along with the owner of the helmet, a senior official here in Norway that is leaving soon for another assignment. Lily felt that the helmet might have messed up Chuck's hair, so when we got home, she went and got a comb and Chuck (what a saint) sat quietly while Lily combed his hair on his head...then the hair on both of his arms...then actually lifted his pantlegs and combed the hair on both of his lower legs. Hysterical. I guess Rich doesn't have enough hair on his head to make him a worthwhile project for her. (she did "comb" his practically bald head for awhile before explaining to him that he had "too little hair" and went over to flash a winning smile at Chuck and start in on him...)

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The Thomas Crew said...

Great pictures, Cyndi! I love catching up on your blog. I can't believe how big Lily is getting. So cute! Miss y'all.