The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Vatican City

When we got into Rome, we went straight to our hotel and unloaded our bags. By 1:30, we were out the door and walking about 20 minutes to the Vatican City. We went to the museum first. There is such a collection of historical artifacts there! The museum went on forever. We were able to look at the Sistine Chapel with about 500 of our closest friends from all over the globe. :o) It was truly amazing. God's timing with the weather was even better. It poured outside while we were in the museum and then it pretty much stopped by the time we left nearly two hours later. I won't bore you with pictures of all the marble statues, but I did include a few museum shots.
The next day, Rich, Lily and I walked back to Vatican City to take a tour of the Vatican itself. We were able to go to the catacombs of the Vatican to the burial sites of most of the former popes. Some tombs were very ornate. One of the simplest was that of Pope John Paul II's. This was definitely the tomb everyone wanted to see. Flowers were there as well as a few chairs set up to pray for him.
We also were able to see the tomb of the very first pope of the Church, St. Peter. That was pretty ornate. Lily and I got to rub the toe of the bronze statue of St. Peter, who's toe have been wore smooth and nearly away from the people that have done the same.
We then went upstairs to the sanctuary of the Vatican. It was breathtaking. I will have to return there sometime because even after an hour in there, I didn't see everything. I would love to return and take a guided tour so I get more detail as to all I was seeing. Even Lily was amazed. She knew right away that she was in "Jesus's house" which is what she calls a church.

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