The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ah....we're back!

Well, we were gone for two glorious, funfilled weeks in the western Mediterranean Sea. We took a cruise on the Costa Concordia (I highly recommend Costa Cruiselines-they are based out of Italy and are very popular in Europe). There was no illness, no injury and we all were able to have a really great time. I was thinking that cruises are definitely the way to travel and vacation (although you pay heavily for that)...I did no housekeeping or cooking or cleaning the entire time. Everyone asked me what they could do for us....what a novel idea!
I am in the process of downloading pictures and will be posting a few pictures with each place we visited in separate posts. We had lovely is winter in the Med so it wasn't warm...but hey, it is all relative. We live in dark Norway! The sunshine and the mild temperatures were a nice change for us. We will definitely do another cruise again!
As for now, Rich and Tim are off to lacrosse practice while Joe works on homework, Lily plays with all her toys and I try to get enough laundry done to clothe everyone for work, school and errands for tomorrow!
Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes! Happy birthday to my grandmother, again (who turned 85 on Feb 17th) and to my dad, who turned 61 on Feb 28th. My old pup, Cheyenne, who stayed at home being watched after by a Norwegian soldier during the week and American teen girls on the other days, turned 10 on March 1st. I had never seen her so happy to see us. She hasn't let us out of her sight since we got home late last night. More posts to come as I sift through pictures!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a great time!! Can't wait to see all the photos you were able to take. We're STILL waiting to here where we're going. I miss you, my friend! Blessings and love, Chris

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