The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Life on the ship....

We were aboard the Costa Concordia...which holds about 4700 people when you include the passengers and the crew. It was HUGE....almost embarrassingly so when we came into port. We had a great time. There were mostly French speakers on board with Italians a close second. Everything was announced in Italian, French, English, German and Spanish. There were 12 decks and walking the length of the ship would wear your out. We loved being pampered! I really didn't want to come home! The lights were gorgeous handblown glass chandeliers and were found in the center of the ship and a few other places throughout the ship. The lady sunbathing in her fur coat....we couldn't stop laughing. You could tell the Italians onboard. PETA would have had a hayday on this cruise ship and in Italy in general. There were three nights for dinner that we all had to dress in "gala" attire. The boys looked handsome in their shirts, slacks and ties and Lily had a number of dresses with her and her Chinese outfit. We also had to do a safety drill and don our life preservers and head outside to our evacuation location.

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