The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun at the Beach

Okay, when you think of Norway, you most likely think of moose, trolls, fjords and snow. I am guessing you don't often think of beaches. However, in the area that we live in Norway, there are several wonderful beaches nearby. Sola beach (Solastranden) is actually walking distance from our house. Okay, it's a long walk...almost 4 miles but there are walking paths all the way there. It has been sunny (but not warm) the last several days. Actually, we have had more sunny days in the last week than I think we have had since we arrived. There are endless sand dunes for the boys to leap off of and Lily loves to find sticks to draw with in the sand. Yes, we were wearing winter coats (at least the smart ones in the family) and yes, the wind was very cold. However. at least two of us have been to a beach in three of the last five days. :o) Just hoping beyond hope that someday the sunshine will be warm! It's been sunny during the day but snowing at night. Go figure!
The beach is often crowded...everyone likes to walk along the coastline here. With the sun out, they come out in droves. We saw several people riding horses along the coastline as well. The boys actually took off their shoes and were wading in the icy water for awhile. Why did we leave this past Saturday? Lily was getting pretty brave along the coastline with the waves...playing that game "It's going to get me!", as she laughs hysterically and runs onto the beach. Well, a big wave came up and the water came up quickly....around her ankles. She looked down as it started to pull back out the ocean. She fell over and took a seat in about 3 inches of icy ocean water, screaming "It got me! It got me!" Needless to say, that was a deal breaker and we went home. She is now keeping a healthy distance!
We are loving the very fine soft sand of Norway. In Okinawa, you couldn't really walk barefoot on most beaches due to the coral in the sand. Only beaches with imported sand allowed you to do that. However, it is March and I have sand all over my house right now. Hopefully something to come for this summer!

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