The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Support my friend during St. Baldrick's

I have a very dear friend named Amy Johnson. We have known each other almost 15 years now (which is just amazing given how much I move around). We met in the airport in San Antonio, TX, while waiting for our Air Force trainers to pick us up for MIMSO training. She was wearing a pair of shorts that sported the Lake Superior State University logo (where my dad went to college) and that struck up our friendship. We were assigned to our first base together and in the same OB/GYN/NSY internship program. She was there when Joseph was born and she is his Godmother.
She stayed in the Air Force for awhile and then got out to pursue her goal of Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO, and spends her days saving the tiniest little miracles of life. She has two Daschunds that keep her company.
I tell you all of this because Amy needs our help. She has volunteered to participate in a program called St. Baldrick's. It is a foundation that helps fund research costs to find cures for childhood cancers. She is going to be totally shaving her head for this fundraiser. Some doctors from her hospital have also volunteered but they are all men (big deal!). Amy has very thick, curly brown hair and she is going to take it all off for this worthy cause. I have included two links below if you would like to get involved or donate. If you would like to email me to ask more about this, I would be happy to pass on Amy's email address to you (if you pass my careful scrutiny first). This is a great cause...I have never been so proud of my friend!

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Amy Johnson said...

You are simply the BEST! Thanks. Amy