The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sicily and Stromboli by Sea

We spent our last two days onboard at sea...sailing back to Civitacchia, near Rome. We went through the Straits of Messina during the daytime and we were able to get a Messina family picture taken with the city of Messina behind us. We also passed a live volcano, Stromboli. It was spewing white smoke. Lily and I were on the 14th deck level outside watching as we were cruising by. We were able to see all the other passengers on that side of the ship as well. I am suprised we didn't lean to one side! The ship blasted its horn 3 times (we were right next to it and I think I have a slight hearing loss now.....) Lily was standing next to me...she doesn't like loud noises...she is still petrified of the vacuum cleaner. She managed to climb up my body with her hand and bob over her ears. I would have loved to have seen that on video. Just when we thought the sound was over, the ship had to blast three times again to say goodbye to Stromboli.
I almost cried leaving the was such a nice vacation! Cruising is the only way to go!

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