The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on Joe

I have changed the blog background because the boys are getting ready to enter their last month of school. In preparation for high school, the 8th graders are now currently taking comprehensive finals in all of their core classes. It is a miserable existence, trying to remember all the information for the whole year and cram it into a 2.5 hour test. With Joe's dyslexia, he is coming home absolutely exhausted. He will have four tests altogether. He had his Language Arts/English Literature exam yesterday and is sitting his Social Studies exam today. Friday, May 1st, is a holiday in Norway. He'll take up his exam schedule again on Monday and Tuesday with Math and Science. These finals are 20% of his semester grade.
As for Joe's hand....sheesh...where can I start with my frustration? He injured his hand nearly four weeks ago. He was seen at the Legavakt (like a triage point prior to what I would call an ER). He was given 3 stitches in a gash that deserved about 15. No x-rays were performed (as they don't have them at the legavakt and must send you to the sykehus (hospital). He really had no pain at all other than a burning sensation where the cut was for the first 48 hours. Then his finger started to hurt a lot...was swollen and was bruised. Alas, then it was Holy Week and everything was closed. We got an appointment for the dr. to look at it last week. He wanted x-rays and told him to forcibly move the finger as much as possible (okay, this does go against anything I have ever been taught as a nurse). We went to a non-acute x-ray clinic the next morning. We waited 8 days for the results. I called the dr's office every evening and finally Rich got involved. He wasn't as patient. However, that didn't make anyone care enough to check up on these x-ray films, either. In the end, we called our medical local representative at the NATO base and she called a dr she knew from the same office to explain our issue. Within an hour of her phone call, there was a referral to orthopedics waiting for us. I retrieved the referral, picked up Joe from school and spent the next 4 hours in the ortho dept with Joe and Lily. We saw a really great ortho doc that (as Joe put it) "is finally someone who seems to know what she is doing!"
She was concerned that Joe's gash was still not healed. (duh...3 stitches just wasn't enough!) She agreed that my dressing of steristrips and medicated bandaids (or plasters as they are called here) was the best bet. She took a swab of the cut to make sure that there was no bacteria infection present. She also put him on antibiotics just in case (which isn't the norm....they are very stingy about prescribing medication here). I was very thankful for that. She told him that rugby is out for awhile...although the damage has already been done. He has torn ligaments and ligaments that are misplaced within his finger. He has a bone chip in his joint (which is actually the least of his worries). I am now waiting for our consult appointment time to come in the mail for his visit to the plastic surgeon. Why a plastic surgeon? I asked the same thing. The plastic surgeons here are hand specialists. It seems like he'll be needing surgery. We will see when we finally get in to see one of these guys. It should be within the next week or so. I will keep you all updated. Joe wants the surgery done as quick as possible so that he can possibly compete in the NECIS rugby tournament at the end of May. I haven't had the heart to tell him yet that that will probably not happen. We'll let the dr talk about the plan and recovery when we see him. As I said, I will keep you all updated.

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Brendan said...

What a bummer. Why did those people chose to become doctors in the first place if they don't want to help?

Maybe you should be some medical supplies when you're stateside and do this stuff yourself.