The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's spring in Norway!

How can I tell? Well, the daffodils have been in full bloom for a couple of weeks now...the tulips have just joined them. The spring lambing has started and there are baby animals out everywhere. I have been taking care of a friend's cats while she is gone and she has sheep across the street from her. Joe came with me two nights ago and there was a lamb that was just a few minutes old there. So Joe was completely grossed out (but still fascinated) about the whole thing. The mom was busy eating the afterbirth as the lamb was struggling to try and stand up (which it was way too young to do at this point). The cows were even released from their winter barns this week...a whole 2 weeks earlier than usual because of the nice weather. This is what I will miss when I leave here...the farms...the animals...the simple beauty of this country.


Julie said...

I will miss that too. I've been thoroughly enjoying spring. We have baby goats by our house!

Brendan said...

Ah, you must come to New Jersey! Walking/biking distance to farms, only 1 hour from Metropolis, I mean NYC.

The best neighborhood in the country was selected - West Windsor, NJ, was the winner! (It is the sister town of Plainsboro, where we live, and we share the school district regionally.)