The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Norway in a Nutshell Tour

As you can see, this is mostly a pictoral post....the pictures really just speak for themselves. I know there are a lot of them...but choosing was really quite difficult.
We left Bergen early in the morning and drove to Voss (a little less than 2 hrs drive) and caught a bus for about 30 minutes or so and then went on a fjord cruise. The water was so calm....the snowcapped mountains that surrounded us were shrouded in low wisps of clouds, which just set the scene for a magical couple of hours. The seagulls followed us...and Joe, the wildlife photographer wannabe, fed them as others lined up to take pictures. There was plenty of the infamous Norwegian national food, pølse (hotdogs) and hot chocolate.
We caught the boat at Gudvangen and continued on the Aurlandsfjord and into Nærøyfjord - which is one of the narrowest fjords in Europe. The mountains along the edges climb up to 1800 meters in height. We stopped at the end of the fjord at Flåm and boarded a train to travel through the mountins. We had some time to spend at Flåm and the sun peeked out and we practiced skipping rocks on the still water until the train arrived. We took the train to Myrdal, seeing some gorgeous wintry scenery and waterfalls. We then caught another train from Myrdal back to Voss. It was a fabulous trip! We met a lovely Bernese Mountian dog on the train who LOVED Lily...the dog outweighed me and was bigger than Lily standing. We bumped into some people we knew while on the trip, which was pretty random. Just reminding us that even though we were all experiencing God's majesty in this area of Norway for the first time, it is still a small world. :o)

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