The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bible Stories with a Dash of Lily Logic

So last night Lily was so excited that I was going to read from her toddler Bible. It's a chunky board book with lift-the-flaps in it. It is colorful and fun and tells about 20 popular Bible stories, from the Old Testament and the New. Rich had finished brushing her teeth and she was singing "Read to me about Jesus! Read to me about Jesus!" I am smiling...Rich is scowling. (he has decided he is no longer a church-goer, much to my dismay and disappointment) I start reading the first several stories...about creation....Noah's ark...Moses in the basket by the Nile, etc. Well, we get to the story about Moses being on one side of the Red Sea with all of his countrymen, and needing to get across. It said right in the book. "He didn't have any boats! How would they cross the sea?" Knowing how Lily's mind thinks, I paused, to see if she had an answer. She thought for awhile...then she took the book from my hands and flipped back a few pages to the story of Noah's Ark. She exclaimed, "They can just borrow Noah's!" :o) (DUH!!!)


Julie said...

What a smart girl! I laughed out load at that one! Keep her close as long as you can!

Jojo said...

Precious! Celine and I searched for Kona entries, but fell in love with the Lily entries... We are now fans of Lily Logic! ;-)