The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nativity Play

I have been the religious education director at our parish for the English-speaking community for the last two years. I get the job of writing out a nativity play and making it come to fruition. :o) Last year was the first nativity play ever in the English-speaking community and it was quite a hit. This year we had to do it again. :o) The trouble is that there can't be any rehearsals...that complicates things abit. The nativity play always falls right during a major NATO exercise. Rich didn't get to see his kids last year in the play but was able to tear himself away for 30 minutes to catch it this year. He took a couple of pictures (above). All in all, we had nearly 50 kids involved in the play this year. Whew...I am glad someone else gets to take this over next year! Lily was the donkey, Joe was a cow and Tim was the star. (in every way, he would like to think!) I am guessing this is the last year all three of them will be in a nativity play together.

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