The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Middle School Semi-Formal Dance

I volunteered to be the Middle School parent liaison for the PA this year. One of the big jobs is to organize the MS dances. There are three during the school year and the first is a semi-formal dance. No trainers, no t-shirts. Smart trousers and shirts for boys, smart trousers/dresses/skirts for girls. The girls tend to go all out and buy pretty cocktail dresses. The theme for this one was "Midnight in the City" and the student council chose black and white as the theme as well. They had three chocolate fountains going along with savory foods and drinks. There was a huge skyline (and when I say huge, it was 8 ft tall and about 25 feet long, with twinkling lights. They all seem to have a good time. Their PE classes for the 2 weeks prior are all dancing lessons. They have strict dance etiquette rules in place for MS dances. You must dance with the person who asks you at least once. That allows the shortest boy in the 6th grade to ask the most popular girl in the 8th grade to dance and she must dance with him at least once. No parents are allowed in the dance area except for one parent taking photos. The teachers are required to attend and they get the kids started by doing a mass dance for the first few songs. I was able to catch a picture of Tim and his best friend, Keegan, between dances while they were getting some food. Funny, I don't remember having MS dances...let alone ones with chocolate fountains! I think Tim and Joe are going to come crashing down to reality next year in the States!

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