The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

International Festival Basketball Game

At the International School of Stavanger, in early November each year they have an international festival. It is a really big event and a fundraiser for the PA. This year there was a basketball game after the festival ended. The staff played a select few of the student body. Both boys were able to play and had a blast. If there was a foul or the referee just felt you had an unfair advantage, you were given something to even up the odds a bit. :o)

Shaq in a tutu...that was fun to watch him fly through the air with that on!

Joe taking a shot with his oven mitts on. He actually scored a basket shooting with those things on. We currently tease him when his shots are off in a game that he needs his oven mitts back on....

Dr. Len Duevel (primary school principal) with his fairy wings on

Rudy with the funky goggles on. They have funny plastic to see through that blurs everything. He made a sure shot (so he thought) and was 15 feet to the right of the basket. Hysterical to watch!

Joe's first violation caused him to wear a hot pink feather boa. (Actually, I had talked to the ref before the game and suggested it would go well with his hair....)

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