The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Middle School Dance

The first Middle School dance was just a week or so ago and here are some pictures from the event. I was there handing out treats for the kids. Parents are prohibited from entering the student dance area, but each student that attends has to bring either a drink, sweet or savory dish (depending on if you are in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade). I was manning the tables with the food to make sure no one had low blood sugar during the three hour dance. The attire is semi-formal (as it is for all middle school dances at ISS). The boys have to wear button down shirts, smart trousers, no trainers. The girls are usually quite decked out in their slightly more than semi-formal dancewear. The PE department has the entire class body doing dancing lessons for the two weeks leading up to the dance so no one can say they don't know how to dance. The teachers get them started with a warm-up dance and it just goes from there. The etiquette for the dance is you have to accept a dance from everyone who asks the nerdiest guy in the 6th grade can actually have a dance with the hottest 8th grade girl if he is so inclined to ask her. She has to accept at least once. Pretty good deal.
As you can see...Joe does fine with the women. :o) He is not interested in any particular gal though...still more concerned with basketball than girls at this point. He just has a lot of friends. Tim is quite the dancer. I am amazed that this once very shy kid gets out on the dance floor and just lets it all hang out. He even tries his hand at breakdancing...and isn't too bad at hiphop. That semester of ballet and tap as a 5 year old must not have scarred him for life after all. (I was kinda worried about that!)

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