The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas fun

Here's a quick picture of me going to a formal Christmas reception at Sola Sjø. It was hosted by the Norwegian National Headquarters and the NATO Joint Warfare Centre. I love going to this function each year because at one point we sing "Silent Night" in Norwegian, German and then English. Then once we have sung it in each language, we all sing it in our native language at the same time. Kinda cool. We had a guest speaker there that was an 89 year old Norwegian man. He had left Norway in a cutter boat in 1941 to flee from the Nazis. He made it to the UK and joined their military. He was later reinserted into Norway and managed to disrupt the Nazi plant that was working on the atom bomb near Oslo. It disabled their plant and well...the rest is history. He was a very gracious man and a great hero to the Norwegians....well, and to anyone who has ever heard his story. Evidently the story well known and made into a 1965 movie starring Kurt Douglas called "Heroes of Telemark", portraying the Norwegian underground. It was very moving just to be in the same room with this great hero.

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Julie said...

Jealous!!! We have the book! I would love to have heard him!