The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't Ask,,,Can't Tell... the very bottom of the hill that I live on, there is the Sola has the town library and a cafeteria. I often here bands practicing there and I know they have plays in there as well. It is quite a big building and it has a "green roof", you know..the kind with grass growing out of it. Lily and I were walking during the 2 hour window of dryness this morning and there were these THINGS parked down behind the kulturhus. Now, they have a lot of interesting art that is being displayed throughout the Stavanger area due to it being the 2008 European capital of culture. I figured this could be part of the same thing. However, I have no idea what this was supposed to be. These little RV's were covered in adobe-like clay that had been hardened. All of the RV's were different...albeit all with bare breasted women. One of the RV's had pictures covering the entire inside of it (I tried to take a picture of it above) and another was empty, covered with the same adobe material but with hundreds of handprints of various sizes.
I got to is October...National Breast Cancer awareness month...could this be part of that? I will have to find out. 50% of the women in this area are diagnosed with breast cancer. They aren't sure if it is something with the area or if it is the very small gene pool and everyone is related. Anyhow, just wanted to share these interesting pictures.... Gotta love it here! It's the only place you can go to the grocery store and see a tractor parked in the parking lot and then turn around and see these "works of art."

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Lori Lynn said...

Wow! That is bizarre! It looks like one of them is nursing two grown kids.

What a fascinating life you lead!

By the way, I tagged you on my blog. Go here for details

Lori W