The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Messina men to go....

Remember all those cool pictures of the boys doing flips on the neighbor's trampoline? They are out there almost everyday...always with an adult or family member out there with them.
Joe and Tim were out taking pictures of themselves whilst doing their flippage out there (as they would put it) and Joe somehow slipped. The story is he picked a cherry from the tree near the trampoline and threw it up in the air while he tried to do a back flip and then kick it while in the air. Evidently, he isn't very good at that. He landed on his head, which landed on his hand. He says he may have blacked out a bit...our neighbor was out there with him and said nothing about it. However, he immediately started complaining about his middle finger of his left hand. This morning it was swollen around the middle knuckle. Luckily, we had a doctor's appointment for physicals for both boys this afternoon.
Both boys appear to be healthy. They had blood taken, etc. and they were in the clear. Poor Tim was stuck in both arms and two different fingers for his blood. The Norwegian med tech said he was a "hard prick"....I asked if he kept a straight face for that comment and he said, "Almost." :o) His urinalysis came back with some protein in it, so we are going to do a repeat test in two weeks. Should be nothing.
Joe got a referral for an x-ray at the hospital. So after their two physicals and labwork, we drove to the hospital and got his hand x-rayed. Yes, there is a small fracture distal (above) that middle joint in his finger. Then we were told we must go to the acute ortho clinic. Amazingly enough, me, "Miss Directionally Dyslexic" knew where all of this was due to my 7 hour accompaniment of Rich with his shoulder separation about a month ago. So we went there and waited....2 1/2 hours (with Joe and Tim AND LILY)...we finally saw the doctor and we were in the room about 90 seconds. Long enough for introductions, the diagnosis, and for him to say that it will heal in 3-4 weeks and to use it as much as possible, even if it is uncomfortable. Evidently there is some blood in the joint and if he doesn't use it, it could freeze up and he could lose some mobility (permanently). So there you have it. In the last month I have taken TWO of the Messina men to the Norwegian hospital, including the x-ray department and ortho. Let's just all say a little prayer of healing for Rich (who is still not right) and Joe and a big prayer for Tim...who is the lone uninjured testosterone machine in the house. :o)
Seriously, update on Rich...he started having a lot of muscle pain in his back and shoulder...most likely due to the overcompensation of trying not to use his very sore shoulder that was not immobilized. I have been massaging it for him when I can and it is all knotted up. He had to go to a doctor to ask for a referral for physical therapy. Unfortunately all Norwegians believe in leaving during the months of July and August (seriously, we aren't even charged our electric bill that month and are double charged in August because there isn't enough people working) so there isn't really any physical therapists here now. He is going TDY to Germany next week and requested an appointment with an American military doctor to get his shoulder checked out. Yay! So we shall see. He is not happy with how it has healed...he does have a large bump on his shoulder, but the doctor did say that would happen. Could have been so much worse....he broke his helmet in this crash...he landed on his head before his shoulder hit. He said he knew in that split second that the helmet had most likely saved his LIFE. No kidding. He probably wouldn't be here. He's the poster boy for bicycle helmets.
Let's hope Tim's guardian angel is up for the task.... :o)

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The Thomas Crew said...

Wow! I've finally caught up on the blog, and I can't believe how much I've missed! I hope all the "boys" can get and stay healthy soon. Tell Rich we are very happy that he is alive. Miss you!