The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, July 11, 2008


Craig and Mayra have a snowball fight (not something you can do in Houston or Dubai) while hiking up to Kjerag.

Mayra (who must have been related to Evel Knevil in another life) takes a stretch out on a rock....3000+ feet up!

Craig and Mayra take in the Norwegian views

This is Rich going out on the rock...this is the second time he's done it. Evidently, Uncle Craig was also relatively reluctant. Mayra just hopped out there...just like the boys.
The Messina men are on top of the world!

Craig and Mayra sit on the lamp of a giant troll in the Candle factory on the way home.
Craig...trying to be brave... Tim waves to the camera from Kjerag's most famous rock.... Craig reluctantly joins his wife on the boulder for a picture. Yep, it's a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG way down! If you were to dangle your feet over the edge and look down.... This is Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) from the Lysefjord cruise boat below....(and zoomed in quite a bit, I might add) as it is 603 meters above the water. See that little rock squished between the crack in the cliffs? That is Kjerag (pronounced Sher rahg). This is also zoomed in from the cruise boat as it is over 1000 meters above the fjord. Joe, making sure he'd get a picture that would give his mother a heart attack.... Tim, beating Joe out in giving me a heart attack.... Rich, the trooper, hiking a steep climb with a separated is off for the photos... On Wednesday, June 9th, Craig, Mayra, Rich, Joe and Tim left to go on a cruise of the Lysefjord and then drove up to Eagle's Nest (some 26 or so hairpin turns up the mountain face)and then hiked a couple of hours across some very rugged terrain to make it up to Kjerag...a very picturesque spot here in Rogaland. When most people think of Norway, they think of this spot. The view is amazing...and it is VERY high up. The drop from Kjerag is over 1000 meters...well over 3000 feet. The hike is not for children, so I stayed home with Lily while they took on the challenging trip.
Kjerag is a big spot for base jumping. However, you have to have 500 free fall parachute jumps from an airplane before you can attempt to base jump Kjerag.
Craig came back with huge blisters all over his feet from his boots (that weren't quite broken in for this kind of hiking). Everyone was a little sore and very tired when they came in around 10 p.m. that night. Not bad for a 14 hour day!


CashQuest said...

Great photo shoot ! I think it takes a crazy person to live near the are the one ! Thanks for sharing sharing them.

jtguttman said...

Oh my goodness! I'm shaking just looking at the pictures! I won't even look out a 10 story building. You guys are super brave (and maybe a little crazy) ;)