The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Life back in the U.S. high school system = Homecoming in the fall. The football game was on Friday....and we lost miserably to the #1 ranked team in the state. Who plays the #1 team for your homecoming game? Anyhow, the final score was 48-7. (yikes) The band put on a great half-time performance and the cheerleaders yelled their hearts out, even though the football team was being creamed on the field. The Homecoming King and Queen were announced at half-time and the Homecoming court was also introduced. Most of the Homecoming royalty were very active in the school...either in the band, FBLA or athletics. I have to say it was odd not knowing any of the kids' names mentioned. At our little international school in Norway, we would have known, I am just happy to know the immediate circles of friends the boys have.
Saturday night brought the Homecoming dance. Both of the boys were asked by their dates. Tim was actually asked by three different girls. Who would have thunk it? :o) There was a large group of freshmen girls that got together and decided how the night would go. Tim got a text message from his date telling him where and when to show up for pictures, where they were all going to dinner, etc. So Tim's job was easy...just show up and pay for everything. :o) The freshmen group met at Shadow Lake shopping center in Papillion, NE for pictures and then went back to Bellevue for dinner and to the school for the dance. Tim's date's name is Lauren and she was a cutie. Joe met her when they were taking pictures and told me, "I am proud of Tim. His date is hot!" lol
Joe, on the other hand, got together with some of the sophomores he hangs around with at one of the girl's house. They had pizza there and then went to the dance. They then went to someone's house after the party as well. Joe's date was Peyton...the one with the turquoise dress that I could find a tie to match. So he matched Kate's dress instead. Egads.
They both had a great time and danced the night away. Until next year....(at least then I'll know a bit more of what to expect!)

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Julie said...

They both looked very handsome! Good looking boys you have! In Joe's picture it still looked like he had 2 dates. :) Tim's date was a cutie. Isn't it great to be the new guys?