The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cornhuskers...they are a breed apart! :o)

Okay, we have been in Nebraska for a couple of months now. We love it so far. We noticed that there's a lot of red things around here....seems like there are a lot of red pick ups...everyone wears red shirts. There aren't any professional teams here in NFL or NBA teams...or even MLB. So college sports are very big. Here in Omaha, the high school teams are really big. People without kids come to the tournaments and games to watch a high level of sports play. But Saturdays during the fall, it seems that all of Nebraska comes together to cheer on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Cornhuskers. Their colors are red, white and black. UNL flags are seen flying in almost every yard and every native (and even some that aren't native to the state) are wearing red. I have to say, we have purchased shirts for each of us so we aren't banned from the neighborhood. There are signs up everywhere in support of the cornhuskers. We took a ride to Fremont, NE this afternoon (about an hour northwest of Omaha) and we went by a house that I just had to stop and take a picture of. You don't see a blow up cornhusker in every neighborhood, but this one made me grin. They are hard core about Husker football here. By the way, they were added to the Big 10 (which is really the Big 12, right...since there are more than 10 teams?) and they have won their last two games. Go Big Red! :o)

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