The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Monday, August 16, 2010

We Survived the First Day of School!

We survived the first day of school! Lily was smiling when I left and smiling when I returned! I do think she'll be ready to turn in early tonight though...I know I will be! :o)
The boys had a great first day....Joe found some female upperclassmen to hang around with. (I know...shocker!!!) Both boys had good things to say about their teachers...especially one of Joe's teachers...who is an ex-NFL player. :o) Joe has him for Geometry and for study hall (which is a mandatory 35 minute period at the end of the school day for all students!).
I managed to get this picture of the boys as they were walking in from school...still on the first day, so it counts!
I met lots of parents at Lily's school today. They ask me if I have anyone other than a kindergartner and they are all a little shocked when I tell them I also have two high schoolers. :o) At least here I can put on two separate hats at two separate schools. :o)
For all of you that had kiddos starting today, I hope it was a good one for them! For all of you who haven't started yet...your time is coming!!! :o)

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