The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Offutt AFB Freedom Air Show 2010

August 28th and 29th brought us the annual Offutt AFB airshow. The thunderbirds were here as well as F-18 hornets and the F-22 raptors (which if you have ever seen them...they are wicked loud!) We have enjoyed having them fly over the last several days. We are less than 2 miles from the flightline so we can see it all from our deck! LOVE IT! The sound of freedom....
The fabulous Thunderbirds demonstration team...from our back deck of our house. It was too hot and crowded on the flightline so we just went home to watch the aerial demonstrations.
We "love" the military!
Joe, Rich and Lily by the RC135 at Offutt AFB. I have a similar picture of them back in Okinawa 3.5 years ago...when Lily was tiny and Joe was also much smaller!
Some impressive art on one of the planes...
Lily enjoying her day at the air show
Lily flying her plane...
I think she was a bit disappointed they didn't actually leave the ground....
Rich showing Lily that the rest of us were watching her "fly" her plane.
Lily even got a certificate of her first flying lesson on an active flight line. Pretty cute!
Lily sitting in a C17
Lily "flying" a sail plane from the Air Force Academy. It was funny...the cadet standing there asked Rich if he had any questions about the aircraft. Rich just replied,"I competed in Air Acro Nationals in 2005 in this very plane. Same tail number." To which the cadet said, "Oh..." :o)
A veteran's group from Nebraska...
Lily getting a tour of one of the Omaha police helicopters.
RC-135. Rich will be flying this jet while stationed here at Offutt. There are several varieties of the jet with different missions. We should find out in the next 10 days or so which mission and which squadron he'll go to.

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