The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last Weekend of Basketball!!!!!

Today was our last weekend at IBA basketball....(cue the "Memories" soundtrack....). Both boys played last year (on different teams) and this year Tim played. They practice on Friday nights and play on Saturday mornings from late October/early November until mid to late March. Next year, the boys will have outgrown the league and Lily will still be too young. Hallelujah! (oops, can I say that during Lent?) I have my weekends least for a little while.
Tim played for the Spurs....he was kind of their token "big guy"...and in the three game tournament they played this today, he did very well. They won two and tied the other. The team had players from Norway, America, Canada, Iran, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Germany and the crazy is that???? Better yet...How cool is that? :o) They had a great season and ended on a high note. Time to gear up for track & field and rugby now! (perhaps with a sprinkling of baseball here and there)

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The Thomas Crew said...

Great job, guys!

Miss you, Cyndi. So glad to get to check up with you on here. Everyone looks great!