The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dubai Water Park - Wild Wadi

One of the days we were in Dubai we went to Wild Wadi World...a really fun water park, that is set up to reflect the Arabian nights story. This was a little ironic for us because that is all we are hearing about at the boys' school...the Middle School is putting on the play "Arabian Nights" in a couple of weeks. Lily was not very keen on getting into the water, but she eventually had a great time. They had gorgeous views of two very popular (and finished) hotels in the area...the one that looks like a sail is the Burj Al Arab. It is the world's only 7 star's on it's own island and if you fly into the Dubai airport, there is standard helocopter pick up to take you to the hotel. It's pretty posh. The other hotel is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel...and is a five star hotel in it's own right. The huge wave pool was actually heated...I guess because it is wintertime. It was like swimming in bath water, it was so warm. I was amazed at how the Muslim women would swim and do the rides and still be totally covered. It was a very a lot of fun to observe people here...from such diverse backgrounds. At water parks and public beaches, they have certain days that are set aside for women and children only. This allows some of the more conservative women to actually enjoy themselves as well.

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jtguttman said...

Wow! What fun! I'm amazed by those swimsuits! How strange it must have been for those 3 women fully covered to be next to the itsy bitsy red bikini lady. It looks like you had a wonderful trip!