The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It really does snow in Norway!

Where we live in Norway, it rarely ever snows. We have a warm water current that flows near the coastline, creating lots of great off-shore oil deposits and also mild temps for us. Our Norwegian neighbors have said that this is one of the only places it could be the same temperature on Dec 21st (shortest day of the year) as June 21st (longest day of the year). Our summers are cooler and our winters are warmer. The constant throughout is the rain. Envision Seattle. That's Stavanger (without the grunge and Starbucks). Well, this winter has been a little different. A friend (who must love snow because she counts days it snows here..) said it snowed 4 days last year....we are on day 11 this year. My kids even had a pseudo snow day yesterday - although they made it to school - there weren't many kids there and they were released early - the first time in 40 years at their school. Anyhow, this snowman was something the kids and Rich built a few weeks ago. I was away at an international women's meeting. Imagine my suprise when I drove up the driveway and saw this massive thing staring back at me!

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