The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bern, Switzerland

On Sunday, Feb 8th, we took the train to Bern, the capitol of Switzerland. Rich had been hiking with a group of Swiss military officers last year whilst at a conference in Germany. They had exchanged emails and pictures and Rich looked up one of them and he met us in Bern and showed us around. We wondered around the city ourselves for the morning while he counted votes during a recent election (part of his civic duty). I got to try curling...and blowing on an alphorn. I was able to make a noise...somewhat what I envision elephants sounding like when giving birth.... How cool though! Lily got to go ice skating...and we enjoyed a snowy day walking around the city (they actually have bear pits with bears in them...interesting). The bear seems to be the city mascot. We had a wonderful time at Stephan and Prisca's house. They have three wonderful boys and made a truly exceptional meal of wild boar for us (Stephan's dad is a hunter). We had a fabulous time and fell in love with this little city.

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