The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Misc Jan pictures

Here are a few pictures that just don't fit in with the other blogs...The hazy picture is of the drive home from church on Sunday, Jan 4th...Lily's was eerily hazy and there was hoar frost on everything. It was very pretty.
The picture of just Lily was taken Friday, Jan 2nd....she got this outfit for Christmas from her Grandma and Grandpa. She got a similar one for her birthday from her Nana and Nano...she's wearing it in her cake pictures.
Finally, there is the Nativity scene that is at our church. It is beautiful and the picture just doesn't capture it at all. It is quite large...the hand lighting the candle is of an adult.
Well, Lily has Nicholas and Noel (her Christmas dolls) sitting on the couch having a picnic and is currently got a huge wooden train track going in my craft room, so I better go see if I can play with her while she still lets me....she's getting bigger! Just ask her!

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