The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Aberdeen bound!

Joe, my 14 year old, made the traveling basketball team again this year! He is so excited! Last year, he was the last man chosen...and not necessarily for skill, but mostly for listening to the coach, following directions on the court and giving 100% all the time. (yeah, I thought they had him confused with someone else too...why doesn't that happen with homework and housework?) Anyhow, this year, he made it on his basketball abilities, which was huge for him. He and the other 8th and 9th graders that will be going to Aberdeen, Scotland, will be leaving Feb 12th and returning Feb 15th. (He says that will be my birthday present...him coming home! - Now that's the Joe I know and love!)
His team traveled to Haugesund (2 hour trip north of here - 1.5 hrs of driving and 30 minutes on a ferry crossing a fjord) this past weekend and played two games. The first game was a real blowout...79-20 in favor of ISS. I was actually cheering for the other team to score by the 3rd quarter, because I felt so badly for them! The second game (which started 15 minutes after the first one ended) they lost, 57-50. It was a good game and they worked really hard. Joe even made two three pointers!
Tim was back in Stavanger playing a double header at ISS. He had a game with his club team and then a game right afterwards with his ISS JV2 team. They didn't win their JV game, but Tim had two really good games. Both of our boys have decided that basketball is the sport they enjoy the most. Everything else they compete in is just conditioning for basketball season.
Sadly, I actually did a green load of laundry last week. They have enough Celtics basketball gear between the two of them that I could do a totally green load. Scary.

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Julie said...

Yeah Joe!!! Congratulations! Boo for laundry. Don't you hate it when you have a WHOLE LOAD of some wierd color like green or purple?