The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, January 4, 2008

Voting Excitement

One of the nice things about having Rich's parents here the last few weeks was to discuss American politics. Rich and I have lived overseas for almost 3 years and we do not get TV or radio advertisements with our Armed Forces Network coverage. We actually here very little about the day to day goings on in the political arena unless we actually research it online. My parents-in-law happen to be from New Hampshire. They have been getting bombarded daily (to the near point of harrassment) from the various candidates running for the presidential nomination. It was interesting to be able to hear about the commercials and the ads that we don't have access to. This is going to be a pivotal election for our great country. The next leader has a lot to do for our country and for the world. I hope you are registered to vote and will do your homework before casting your ballot. Exercise your freedom to voice your opinion by voting....that's why our military serves as they do....not because of the pay (okay, all of my military friends just let out a huge snicker at that comment) but for the freedom to have a choice in the direction our country is heading. Happy primary voting!


Anonymous said...

Hey there!! Just wanted you to know there's a cool "game" on that asks you a few questions and based on your answers will tell you your top 3 candidates. If you click on politics from the main page, scroll down a bit and on the left side you'll see the "Candidate Match Game". You'll be hearing from me soon!! Love you all, Chris

Sara said...

You'll be happy to know that both Jon & I voted in the Michigan Primary! Oh, how I wish we could afford to come visit you! Jon could talk politics all day long and late into the night. It's his passion.