The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, January 4, 2008

Lily turns 3!

Lily turned 3 years old officially today. We didn't leave the house today due to the very high was really windy all day with sustained gusts from 25-40 mph for the last 30 hours. It's enough to really make the house very cold. Even the boys thought that one of the big picture windows was going to break because it was moving so much with the wind.
Lily kept warm by wearing her Halloween costumes today over her clothes. She wore her Tigger outfit for several hours and then her bunny outfit. She is doing really great with her toilet training...diapers are only for when she is sleeping now. She is so funny...she is constantly murmuring to herself, "Pee in big girl panties, NOT!" She lived in Japan for less than a year but she has started talking as if she is directly translating the Japanese language. Rich says she sounds (and sometimes even looks) like Yoda. :o)
I have some great video to upload to the site here but have not been able to do so for months now, which is frustrating. Instead, you'll have to do with some pictures. The picture with her big slippered feet is to show you how much she has worn these Elmo slippers from her cousins. She has several large holes on the bottom of each one of them!

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