The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hiking on the coast of Randaberg

The sun was shining this morning. That is such a rarity here! We were further excited to have the sun STILL shining once church dismissed. We hurried home and ate lunch and packed the cameras and hiking boots in the RAV4 to try and see some of the land in the light. Tim stayed home to work on homework but the rest of us clamored into the car to head on out. We decided to go up the coast a wee bit north of Stavanger to Randaberg. We went to the very northwestern coastline to see the North Sea in all its natural beauty on a calm, sunny day. (it's been really windy and wet here...for about 9 months now) :o) The clouds had moved in by the time we arrived, but we stayed dry (at least those of us that stayed out of the way of the crashing waves did) and enjoyed a couple of hours just walking outside in the fresh air. Lily was a trooper and walked the whole time. She did take us by surprise when we got back to the car two hours later. She pointed at a patch of grass and said, "Lily go potty right there!" With some clothing alterations and help with positioning, she did just that. I think this diaper-free thing is finally sticking. I am not encouraging her to pee in the grass for all you nay-sayers out there. Just not pee in her pants. :o)
We had a great day!

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The Thomas Crew said...

OK, so now I know that bright pink is my favorite color on Lily. She looks beautiful in that picture! I love the one of y'all together, too---so sweet.