The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jingle Bell Follies

So, I may have mentioned that Lily is enthralled with any version of "Jingle Bells" right now. When we are in the car, she specifically favors a men's barbershop quartet that sings a catchy version of this old Christmas standby. I also may have told you that Lily calls her little arm "Bob". "Little arm" was way too long and complicated and stump...well, just doesn't sound so nice. So Timmy decided one day that Bob was a good name. He took her aside and taught that to her one night after dinner and it has stuck.
So Rich and I are singing "Jingle Bells" to Lily tonight, trying to get her to sing along (which is precious). We start singing the part in the first verse where it goes, "Bells on Bob tails ring..." and she lifts up Bob and starts waggling it in the air (because this is obviously Bob's big moment in the song). Rich and I started laughing...we nearly wet our pants we were laughing so hard. Only a two year old....


Anonymous said...

Hey Cyndi! Two year olds are hilarious, huh?! Lexi today was crying her eyes out because she wasn't getting what she wanted. I told her she had to stop crying first. She wiped her eyes and her nose and with a huge smile stated "I not crying anymore. I'm happy!!" I know, I'm in trouble!! ;-) Blessings and love, Chris

jtguttman said...

How sweet! You are so blessed with that little angel!

The Thomas Crew said...

That is hilarious, Cyndi! She is so smart. :)